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Pastries & Sweets


 Pastries stuffed with either dates or nuts,   lightly flavored with rose and orange   blossom water. Served primarily at Easter   and at the end of Ramadan.

 Please specify dates or nuts

 Price: €5.00/portion of 6 pieces

 Reference Number: 201


 Pancakes stuffed with nuts or served   with   cream (ashta).

 Please specify which type (nuts or ashta)

 Price: €5.00/portion of 6 pieces

 Reference Number: 202


 Special Lebanese cake served with tea   and milk.

  Price: €5.00/portion of 6 pieces

 Reference Number: 203


Cake made from semolina and coconut,  drizzled with syrup.

 Price: €5.00/portion of 6 pieces

 Reference Number: 204

Eish el Saraya

Bread pudding lightly flavored with rose  water and filled with cream.

Minimum of 4 portions per order

Price: €3.50/person

 Reference Number: 206